Our Longarm Quilting Partners

While us at The Quilting Bee do not provide Longarm Quilting Services, we have partnered with numerous local Longarm Quilters.

Our store serves as a secure drop-off and pick-up location between you and the machine quilter you chose.

Note: The Quilting Bee is not responsible or liable for any part of the transaction between the customer and the machine quilter.

Longarm Quilting Partners

Heartbeat Quilting
Gail Matteson/Karean Derby509-995-9414//509-999-5006
Quilted Treasures
Ruth Eckersley509-924-9590
Ruth’s Machine Quilting
Linda Weaver509-263-1728Linda’s Longarm Quilting
Debbra Nelson509-844-1135Legacy Enterprises
Janene Haynie618-803-0208Leafy Treetop Boutique
Emily Koenig801-473 – 3876Sew She Did
Denise Hayes509-721-1277Signature Quilting
Mattie Arnold509-995-5079
Hog Wild Quilting
Melissa King509-868-3512
Quilt in the Forest
Glenda Carlsson509-981-1858
Glenda the Good Stitch
Sadie Shields509-255-9268North Country Quilting & Crafts
Connie Bachmeier916-296-3590
Stitchin Quilts
Carol-Lynn Rison509-954-4869Rison Quilting
Amy Carter208-890-0455
Experience the Quilt
Wendy Crispin208-916-4903
Crispin Studios
Cindy818-426-3556Cindy Quilts 4 You
Cindy Little208-659-6441Canyon Quilting
Angel Rutan509-903-6415
AngelTec Design