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Why Chose Brother Sewing Machines?

Brother boats an impressive product line, offering everything from inexpensive and reliable entry level machines to one of the most impressive top-of-the-line machines in the industry. If you are interested in starting with quilting and want to stick with one brand throughout your creative journey, you can’t go wrong with choosing Brother! While we have only carried Brother machines for a little while, they have already become an extremely popular choice at The Bee! They also carry the ScanNCut electronic cutting machine which can connect wirelessly to the Luminaire 2, further cementing Brother’s very useful sewing capabilities.

Disney embroidery designs are available exclusively for Brother machines! This is certainly the elephant-in-the-room reason for choosing a Brother embroidery machine. We all know that one of the biggest recipients of our quilting creations are our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and of course our own inner child! We always have a few samples around the store with fun things you can do with Disney embroidery, so come by and check them out yourself!

Brother machines are very reliable and easy to use. There is a reason they are so well liked by beginners! But their easy operation translates to their most advanced machines with complex features as well. Brother has clearly invested a lot of time and effort into making their interfaces and layouts simple and intuitive, with the benefit being quicker and less stressful projects! The machines are also very dependable and reliable, further making your quilting experiences more enjoyable.

The Quilting Bee is proud to carry the Brother line of sewing and embroidery machines.  In addition to being great machines, Brother has an exclusive arrangement with Disney, giving you access to all those Disney designs you, your children and grandchildren love. The new Luminaire sewing and embroidery machine has amazing features and a huge embroidery field for all of you biggest Disney designs. Brother also has a fabulous line of electronic cutting machines, with a model that can also import Disney designs. You just have to see what they can do.

When you purchase a machine from us, you become a member of the Quilting Bee’s Brother Club.  This provides you with free machine instruction, your first year clean-oil-adjust by our qualified Tech Department, and 10% off all future purchases* at the Bee!  In addition to this, you can enjoy a 20% discount on all other purchases made on the day of your machine purchase.
For over 60 years, Brother has been a leader in sewing, embroidery, and quilting. Brother also has an extensive line of sewing supplies including feet, accessories, software and stabilizer.

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*excludes kits, custom tables, and machines

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